Norwalk Senior Center

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History Lectures

By Mark Albertson 

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Thursday April 8th; 10:00 AM

Topic: Adolf Hitler

The Fuhrer of the Third Reich is one of the most fascinating of personalities to emerge in the 20th century. His racialization of Fascism through Nazism, makes this vulgar Austrian corporal a Racial Hygienist of the most remorseless variety. Yet his Thousand Year Reich lasted but twelve years. He was a modern-day deity of hatred who was everything to some, but in the end was nothing to all, and is a warning sign for those ready to follow the teachings of a false prophet.

Thursday May 6; 10:00 AM

Topic: The Great One, Jackie Gleason

One of the greatest American enter-tainers of all time: Stand up comic, situation comedian, dramatic actor, writer, director and producer, and arranger of music . He appeared in vaudeville, night clubs, Broadway, was a stock player for Warner Broth-ers, and became a television icon, noted for the Honeymooners and the Jackie Gleason Show. "You have to have luck. If anyone thinks they can make it on their talent alone, they're nuts. And you can't credit for that talent . . . it's a gift from God." Indeed, The Great One.