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Returning to the Norwalk Senior Center

The Norwalk Senior Center is pleased to announce that we began to re-opened on June 28th. The pandemic has tested each & every single one of us in so many ways. It is great to see family & friends once more; we all look forward to better days.

Much like 80% of the senior centers in CT, our Center will re-open in June. Other senior centers, such as Fairfield & Westport will re-open in July. (A small percentage of senior centers, such as Easton, remained open during the pandemic).

The timing of re-opening for each senior center was multi-faceted, specific to each town or city & revolved around best practices related to maintaining the safety of its most vulnerable citizens. Senior center directors received a healthy amount of direction by the CDC & Governor during the first 12 months of the pandemic. Keeping staff members & volunteers healthy while providing services to the elderly was a top priority. Recently, it was necessary to consult with our respective Health Departments for guidance on a safe re-opening.

Due to the low infection rate of COVID-19 (less than 1%) and the high percentage of Norwalk seniors who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (90%), the Board of Directors & Executive Director feel that we can create a safe environment where seniors can feel comfortable and return to the activities they enjoy at our Center. Many thanks to those of you who completed our on-line survey of our membership soliciting your Center re-open suggestions; nearly 400 seniors shared that they would feel most comfortable returning to the Center(s) provided folks are fully vaccinated against the virus and wear facial masks.

During the lockdown & the balance of the pandemic, we pivoted and provided 5 new services to benefit the seniors of Norwalk. We helped deliver 31,000 bags of free groceries & 40 pound food boxes to seniors who were homebound. Staff & volunteers make phone calls to isolated seniors (our Friendly Phone Call program) to help them ward off: isolation, depression & anxiety. We provided assistance to up to 80 callers per day to facilitate COVID-19 vaccination appointments. We collaborated with the Norwalk Health Department to provide space for their vaccination clinics. We provided exercise classes and educational presentations by Zoom.

Meals on Wheels operated throughout the health crisis. The amazing intern, staff members & volunteers of this program went above and beyond the call of duty and delivered meals to the front doors of seniors who were recovering from illness, injury or who needed to quarantine.

Safety Measures:

To insure a safe environment, all of our staff members and instructors are fully vaccinated. Our facility’s ventilation systems were upgraded and air ducts have been cleaned and sanitized. All surfaces have been deep cleaned & sanitized. CDC cleaning protocols are in place & followed carefully by both our professional cleaning service and staff members.

Rules for Re-Opening:

During the months of June, July & August, visitors to the inside of the Centers & buses are required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and wear a facial mask for the duration of their visit.

Proof of vaccination is required prior to entry. Do you need help getting an appointment for the vaccine or transportation to the clinic? Just give us a call and we will help you ahead of time.

Most activities will take place outside (we have use of a courtyard) during the June, July & August timeframe. Folks are not required to be vaccinated or wear facial masks outside of the Centers.

In the event of inclement weather, activities may be moved to the gym or inside the Center; when this occurs, only those who are fully vaccinated & wear facial masks for the duration of their visit may enter.

Food may not be brought in or consumed inside the Center.

Very important: 24 to 48 hours before you visit the Center, during months of June, July & August, you are required to call & schedule a reservation or appointment (203-847-3115 at 11 Allen Road and 203-299-1500 at 92 Cedar Street). All activities & services require a reservation or appointment.

Walk-ins are not yet allowed.

We have missed you & look forward to seeing you soon!