Norwalk Senior Center

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NSC Genealogy Club

Founded 2018

Purpose: to help folks find and document their family history from beginner to advanced. We cover websites, products, and DNA. The club is open to NSC members and non-members, free of charge, honoring inclusivity.

You may have noticed some changes in our outreach approach! Our Club has become more digital due to Covid19. We now have a webpage, a weekly newsletter section in the Friday NSC eBlast, occasional Zoom meetings, and we have a new Club eMailbox. 

Since the Club's creation three years ago, we sent and received emails using our leaders' personal mailboxes. Now, that has changed. Please use for your club communications to us. And, of course, Reply when you see a message from that email address. 

To make it easy and avoid our messages going into your spam folder, please create a record of this new address in your Contact app. Ask us to help you set this up. 

This change makes life easier - use the mailbox to ask us questions or to share family history anecdotes. We hope to respond promptly. 

Members please reply with your interest in these topics to be a Zoom call later in Jan of Feb. 

a. Ancestry App

b. Collections on the major sites in our region

c. Intro to Genealogy Class - on Zoom

d. Value of FS and Ancestry emails

Upcoming Events to attend:

Janeen Bjork has some events on her eblast - if you don't already receive her messages just let us know and we will add you to the list.

MGS - Middlesex Genealogy Society at Darien Library is hosting a Zoom 31 Jan 2021 at 2pm. Register on the Darien Library Events tab. 

Linda Carlson Uncovers “Jewish Genealogy Research”